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Best Songs for Spring Cleaning Motivation

Starting a spring clean requires motivational music. Music helps energise the human body getting you in preparation for the monumental task of cleaning your house. Making your body work faster without tiring is the key to boosting your spring clean efforts.  Selecting the right songs to go with your energetic spring cleaning can help you get more work done in less time. When selecting your choice of spring cleaning music it’s also a fantastic idea to amalgamate different genres. Providing a reflective phase helps absorb the spring change in weather, during moments of tranquillity as you spring clean.

• Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger”

High energy song designed to get you and your family moving like little versions of Rocky Balboa. Survivor remains an uplifting song with a high energy drama effect.

• Queen – “Another One Bites the Dust”

Perfect energetic music for spring cleaning, indeed most of Queen’s songs will work well, due to the power of Freddie Mercury’s voice and the band as a whole.

• Katrina and the Waves – “Walking on Sunshine”

Excellent high energy music and a perfect spring clean buzz Katrina and the Waves, leads to an energetic finale. More reflective music follows, however Katrina generates amazing energy for dusting away those winter cobwebs.

• The Beatles – “Here Comes the Sun”

A gentle reflective song features in your spring clean music as The Beatles starts your melodic phase of your spring cleaning music selection

• Diane King – “I say a Little Prayer” or Aretha Franklin version

Either of these two great variations of this invigorating cleaning song will work to bring you into a heightened spring cleaning mood.

• Fats Waller – “Spring Cleaning”

The epitome of spring cleaning music combining a jazz element of trumpet with the cool vocals of Fats Waller this song is the perfect spring cleaning music. Gentle swings in sound help give you a rhythmic motion as you dust down your house ready for the revitalisation of spring.

• Carlos Santana’s – “Primavera”

Perfect balance between spring time vitality combined with the superb musicianship of Santana. A gentle soothing yet fast temp track to help elevate your spring cleaning to dizzying new heights.

Combining the best music themes with ideas about the sun as well as fast up-tempo energetic music remains the most essential way of finding the best songs for spring cleaning. Fuse ideas about the light sun while combining with musical notions of spring to create high energy emotions. This musical inspiration will help you with for the physical action of cleaning while creating the perfect spring mood. Gentler selections of music will help massage your cerebral qualities, as you mark the transition from winter to spring. The best spring music for cleaning should become a part of your every year spring cleaning ritual, helping to uplift your spirit, while giving you additional energy for the cleaning tasks ahead.