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Drumkit Setup

How To Set Up Your First Drum Kit You’ve finally saved enough to purchase your first drum kit, and now you’re ready to set it up and start banging away. The first reaction will be to set it up as quickly as possible and start playing. But let me give …


Making cool music on your guitar

The guitar is a great instrument. Even beginners can come to grips with producing music to sing to, once they have learned the basic chords. Changing hands from one chord to another takes practice but what happens next? Chords in succession are not much fun unless you can make a …


Tuning your guitar wherever you are

It takes a while to learn this method of tuning, but it’s an investment for those moments when you find yourself performing without having an available digital tuner. For example, in a situation where they are about to play in public, you will see many musicians perform this task without …


Mastering the Art of Classical Guitar

If sincerity was all it took to learn how to play classical guitar, the world would be crammed with Mozarts. If talent were the only requirement, proteges would become masters instantly. It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to reach the apex of your discipline, yet if hours were …


Getting the best used guitar you can afford

Often people who don’t know how seriously they will take the hobby of playing a guitar make the mistake of thinking that buying a cheap guitar is the solution. Although it can be, it isn’t always. If you buy a guitar that doesn’t give a pleasant sound or one that …