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Artist Profile Julio Iglesias

In Madrid Spain, born on September 23, 1943, Julio Iglesias to his father, Julio Iglesias Puga, and to his mother, Maria Del Rosario de La Cueva y Perignat. He had a dream of becoming a soccer player, when he was young. Julio never knew what a life he had coming and what a success he will make

He grew older and began to study law in hope of becoming a lawyer, yet he still had a dream of becoming a magnificent soccer player. Later he did get his dream job, he became a goalie for the Spanish team, The Real Madrid. On 22nd of September, in 1963, when he was 20 years old, he was driving from Majadahonda to Madrid at around 2 a.m. with some friends, he got into a tragic car accident that left him semi-paralyzed for a year and a half. There was no hope that he would walk again. At night, Julio would listen to the radio and write poems that were sad and romantic. A young male nurse, who took care of him, gave him a guitar. Singing had became a distraction for him. When he was an athlete, he started to learn the guitar day by day, Julio had learned the basic chords and started to make music with the poems he wrote.

In 1966, he recovered from his injuries. He went to Cambridge, England to improve his English. In Cambridge, he met Gwendolyne Bollore who would became his girlfriend and later also one his musical success, he wrote a song dedicated to her, Gwendolyne. Julio started to become serious about his singing. He returned to Madrid to record a song. Hoping to become famous. On July 17, 1968, he won a contest and was signed with Colombia Records. He was signed with a record deal and was making new music, that everybody listened to. On January 20th of 1971, in Toledo, Spain, Julio married Isabel Preysler Arrastria. They had three kids.

Julio is one of the most famous singers in the world. He has sold over 250 million albums. Julio won many awards for his outstanding talent. Today, Julio has four more kids with his girlfriend/wife, Miranda Joana Maria Rinjsburguer. They are all very young, the oldest is around six years old. Julio’s dream came true, his story was one in a million. This dream doesn’t happen to everyone, you need skills, talent, and most off all luck. Anyone could tell you that Julio fell under that catergory.