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Amanda Nagurney

Amanda Nagurney is one of the rising stars of country music in the United States of America. She is also becoming an alternative to the mainstream music scene of New York, Hollywood, and Nashville with her down to earth personality and heartfelt interpretations.

Ms. Nagurney recently released her latest album “Gone” which deals with everyday life in America. The album “Gone” also is based on the personal experiences of this multitalented singer who hails from Buffalo, New York and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

The title song of the album “Gone” ia a lively country song which deals with the end of a relationship and the need to continue with life. When the underwriter first heard this song, he was at the end of a relationship and wanted to give up on life. “Gone” helped the underwriter continue with living in spite of the obstacles in life.

“You Can Make It On Your Own” is a country ballad that deals with independence from people and attempting to start a family or a new house. The song talks about the need to appreciate the people in life as well because they may not always be there.

At a time when there is a need to support the United States with music, Amanda Nagurney included “American Made” in her album. The song “American Made” was written by Tim Mc Geary and Jim Allison.

“American Made” celebrates the characteristics of the United States of America. It celebrates the people who sacrifice so much for their country in order to maintain it as a nation under God.

The reason Amanda Nagurney included “American Made” in her album “Gone” as a tribute to the people in the military who see her in concert. Ms. Nagurney uses the song as a way of being thankful for her participation in concerts for the military and during the time she spent at the Walter Reed Army Hospital.

The song “It Just Ain’t Music” deals with the need to have life revolve around music. It is of a country pop rhythm and Amanda Nagurney does justice to the music with her style of interpretation. 

“That’s What I Love About This Life” is a tribute to everything that is positive in life. It is a lively country song that celebrates how people can be happy with just family, friends, and enjoying the creations of God in the countryside.

The album “Gone” by Amanda Nagurney is a must for any music lover to add to their collection. The album is filled with positive messages and music that will keep the person dancing.

Amanda Nagurney has established herself as the country singer of the 21st Century in the style of Dolly Parton and Juice Newton. She will be the inspiration for country music singers of the future.